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OneyPlays Animated. Wizardo embarks on an AI-generated adventure!

AI Dungeon is a game in which an AI generates events based of its knowledge and your inputs. I discovered it through this episode of OneyPlays and I think it is incredibly neat, though also very flawed.

This animation was a bit of an ordeal to finish, but I'm glad I did.

Website: socksandjoggings.art

YouTube: youtube.com/c/socksandjoggings

Twitter/Instagram @socksandjogging

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Fridge_Outpost/

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Really digging your art, the colors and lines have a very "Genndy Tartakovsky" feel to them. Great cartoon!

Incredible stuff man. Very very smooth animation. Looks great.

Wow the animation is super fluid, it looks awesome. Great work buddy !
What technique did you use to get it to look that smooth ?