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Lockdown opportunities

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This game was made in 72 hours for the creersonjeu.fr game jam.

You play as a lone individual during a lockdown. Zombies are everywhere, but don't worry! The government will handle everything. Just stay inside for 2 weeks, and order your necessities online. (An armored delivery service has been installed in your neighborhood.) Beware, however, as things pile up in your house due to your hoarding instincts.

Oh and also, don't leave the house. Just stay inside. A lockdown may bring many opportunities!

Video Walkthrough:



  • WASD/Arrow keys: move
  • R: restart day
  • F4: fullscreen (windows only)
  • You may also use the mouse (or tap the screen on mobile) to perform actions.


  • Two weeks of lockdown (at best)
  • Sokoban-style mechanics
  • Zombies waiting for hugs outside
  • Dynamic music slection
  • Entropy
  • Two languages (French and English)

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Giving score to my backlog.

This incapsulates pretty much perfectly the feeling of staying in lockdown, I'd just recommend a way to save in-game

adriendittrick responds:

Sorry, didn't have time to code in a save system X) only had 2 days to make it.

Wow. Can't give this game enough praise, this was a trip, and a good one at that!! My god, nearly all of your games are amazing!! Can't get enough of them heh-

Oh yeah, I ran with the zombies around the house once and then realized the door locks... So yeahhhhhhhhhh lmao

Edit: Oh and I notice you CAN leave and go south... How far can you go, and is there anything by chance?

adriendittrick responds:

Woah, thanks a lot for playing so many games of mine :)
This one has infinitely generated terrain if you go out south so you can never actually win, you just get attacked by zombies. (just like in real life)

the VR games are what was hardest for me. Also, I reset the day so many times just to make the room neat as possible. XD I gave up towards the end trying to make it neat. I did run outside just to see what would happen. I did not like the no-back track days. Not because they were hard but I couldn't make it all neat on those days. XD Overall it was at times challenging but fun and easy to pick up and interesting enough to make the challenges worth it.

stuck on day 5

adriendittrick responds:

If you're stuck there is a video walkthrough in the description!

man this game is hard. a tutorial would help. im stuck at 35

adriendittrick responds:

Oh actually the itch page had a video tutorial, I forgot to post it here on newgrounds.
Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erK8qBUicyo&feature=emb_logo