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Under Fire

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WASD - Move

Mouse - Aim

Shift - Sprint

Kill all the monsters to beat the level.

Inspired by this game: Bullet Fire - https://lagged.com/play/1807/

I was browsing the internet when I found this GEM: Bullet Fire. I quickly realized... "I can whip up some trash like this" So I did. In three days I made this game. It was a good quick start, and I'm planning on making Under Fire 2 with better looking assets, and some simple upgrades, like adding a choice of different crosshairs, improving enemy AI, adding simple achievements, etc.

Basically I was going for that feeling you get when you play one of those shitty games off those 1000 Games! disc. I used to play those really REALLY bad games with an indescribable feeling of cheesy entertainment. I guess I just always looked at those games and was like, dude, I could totally do that. But this time I actually did.

If you'd like to support further development, you can download the Windows version on itch.io for a measly $2. I'd love to devote much more time to creating my own gems that inspire others one day to do the same.


I'll be making other types of games for you guys soon. Actual feedback on what parts were fun and what things you would change or like to see included in later releases would really help and be appreciated.

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Pretty bare bones. The lack of recoil or ammo for the gun mean you can just spam click in an enemy's general direction and you'll still kill them in under a second. Having no warning sprite for when they're about to fire is also a bit unfair when they have hitscan weapons, and if you added a warning sprite you could increase their reaction time for a more difficult game. You can also clip through one barrel near the final area and reach the game over screen.
All in all it's decent for three days of work, and still had me hunting down the last few enemies in the maze.

Pretty good for a few days' work dude!

I accidentally learned that whenever I would crouch, the character would also shoot. So I ran around the level spamming ctrl, not even clicking my mouse, constantly teabagging the ground as I shoot my enemies dead. Fun times.

I don't know if that is intentional since ctrl isn't listed in your controls but still, it's a good game. I hope to see you try to make Under Fire 2

InvadeTech responds:

Hahaha that's amazing! I definitely did NOT mean to do that. This comment had me laughing my ass off. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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2.92 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2020
7:00 AM EDT