incident 0k16

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Short incident made by me in 5 days.


YT version - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4HKbdcwrxQ

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somewhat enjoyable

Hey, that's pretty nice!

Really well made despite the retards saying "overpowered oc" and cringing over the fact that the character has tiddies. It's really smooth and i can tell the effort you put into it.

I'll just rate animation and not talk about the fact that people that keep saying "cringy incident with cringe oc" man, that's what incidents are made for, they can be short but atleast they show something, they can be made without context, most of them are someone that infiltrate and kill people on a base (just in case you didnt knew), most of them doesnt need to be canon, it maybe be just some thing they did when they were bored, so basically incidents can be made without context and not necessarily they have to tell you a entire story or be part of it.

The animation is very good to be honest, you did a great job!

Another madness animation with titties on a madness characters and a cringy OC.