PaRtIcLe PoWeR

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Nice short

So this was notbad it was actually pretty funny and some really good moments going on in this short film even the black and white was entertaining, keep up the good work here

make it longer maybe


Did like. XD Simple but fun! Hope you make more like this!


You've perfectly replicated the bygone era of flash artists with this. The distorted shapes, symbols, and various tweens are all limited animation techniques incorporated into a lot of their films. You've used them lovingly in these 20 seconds.

Keep going, man. Keep making stuff, even if it's small.

P.S. the way the guy on the right sheaths his sword back was really sleek. I challenge you to incorporate more frame-by-frame stuff when you can.

MassiveMarioLuigi700 responds:

Aww dude your the shit man😎🤘🏾 really appreciated that bro... Sub me on YouTube as well to follow up on mah content

This is okay, I don't think it needed to be posted to the portal without colour, put keeping it as work on one's profile is entirely ok.