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Oney Plays Animated: Spreader-Man

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It's everyone's favorite gaggle spreaged little babes.

Special thanks to:


"He's spead-eagle and ready to take on racism"

I named that soundbyte 1_Spread Racism_

Audio (From OneyPlays at least) from:

Oney Plays Spider-Man 2 - EP 2 - Rhino Saurus

Oney Plays Spider-Man 2 - EP 4 - Green Hole

Oney Plays Spider-Man 2 - EP 10 - Insane Fact Posse

Oney Plays Spider-Man 2 - EP 11 - FINALE

King of the Babes - Luigi's Mansion 3 PART 2 - Oney Plays

Other audio: SuperMega

I sorted through compilations to get those sound bytes so I'm not sure which episodes they're from specifically.





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This is one of the most dense OneyPlays animations I've ever seen. Every single frame has so much going on.

Ed Edd n Eddy sound effects make things three times funnier.

the fuck

At 0:27 was that supposed to be a "Spectacular Spider-man" refference, cuz if so thats preety cool. Btw this is like the best thing I've seen ever! :D

I like how he became the Amazing Spider-Matt mid-way. Also, was that supposed to be Tomar as Black Cat?

HadenDA responds: