THOU ART FIRED! thesis film

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This is my Thesis Film for animation school. I'm pretty proud of what I have accomplished so far and I am excited to continue animating.

A Knight is called into his bosses office.

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nice work! I'll say that VanArts is an art school but is also an animation school, it's just it's department in the art school, also that's some nice 2D rigged animation.

For some reason when the knight talks i was reminded of Gundarr
-Wonder why his first reaction while in a room with a lunatic swinging a sword around was to "sip coffee" vs "flee" >.<
-missed opportunity for a gag: have the rope be closer to his other hand and wave his.... hamshank around under it first.
Alternate version idea. do the above, knight does one last ditch effort to be useful, offers to get up and help him with that, does so, trap door opens under him. yes its an old gag but still a classic.

CryptidDomain responds:

I honestly wish I thought of that! I was cut super short on time so the ending had to be rushed. but where he helps him with the rope is an awesome idea!

its janky and smooth at the same time. it meshes really well. and is pleaseing to the eyes. good stuff

Zagarella and Di Sessa

Nice style and smooth joke, I like it!