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Slimy Runner

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Author Comments

Run and jump with your slime in this 8-bit arcade runner!

Click the screen to jump, and click again to fall quickly.

(Or jump with the up key and fall with the down key)

Stomp the enemies to get another jump and extra score!

Click the fullscreen arrow for a better experience.

(This is a prototype, if you like it, dislike it, or have any suggestions about the game, feel free to comment!)

A link to the Play Store, if you want to play it on your mobile!

And also a link for the downloadable PC version!

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could be better, a bit choppy, jump is too short, and the hitboxes make no sense at times. but i love the art and concept

It's a start, for sure, and I can appreciate the attempt. I'll start with what I see as most important to work on and then move onto the more nitpick-y stuff.

The screen's misaligned so the far left and right are partially cut off in Windowed mode. I can see you were testing for Fullscreen based on the Author Comments, but it's good practice to make sure the game works well in Windowed mode as well.

The control being focused on being click-based means that for some reason my browser thinks I'm trying to highlight the game's name on the bottom-right. This is more a nitpick, though, and I actually like this option because it could translate nicely to touchscreen. I'd just ask that you make it possible to know about the keyboard controls - maybe a toggle on the Tutorial for one-touch or Keyboard?

As far as gameplay goes, you could probably get ambitious here. Simple controls can really flourish in terrain that lets a player make the most of it - even multilayering floors with platforms can make for more variety.

Presentation is simple, and probably deliberately, but you could do at least a touch to make it feel less "first-game-y". Multiple small sprites to give the enemies and player a bit of bounce to them would go far alone, and this is especially needed for the flying foes - the way their propeller spins is just cheat-y. Take reference from actual GB games if you can, they show a lot of what this monochrome simple style can really accomplish. I'm going to assume a BG music is just not implemented yet, which is fine for a prototype, and maybe have some other sounds during play to give certain actions a bit more impact - particularly a stomp and enemy hit sound.

And there's my textwall. I'd like to see what you can do by taking this idea as far as it can really go - it could be a cute 'lil romp, enjoyable through multiple runs.

SlimyStudios responds:

Thank you so much for the review!
Actually the keyboard is implemented, I say it in the game description (jump with up arrow and fall with down), but the main focus of the game is android, so I forgot to put it into the tutorial.
The music is also implemented, but the Web GL format (when you upload it to newgrounds) messed with the music, making the loop desyncronized, I'll look for a solution.
I've added the link for the play store, if you're interested on the evolution of the game.

Not bad for a prototype!

The gameplay,while pretty casual,can also be tricky. Not only you have to watch and time your jump,you gotta also look out for your fall. Nice addition there.

I especially like that the clouds have multiple faces,thats definitly a plus point.

On the other hand,this game in its current state is pretty boring. You should add multiple sound effects and some backing tracks,listening to only one sound repedatly is pretty nerve-killing. You should also some new content. (ex.backgrounds,enemies,levels,etc.)

Definitly not bad,keep it up!

SlimyStudios responds:

Thanks! :)
My idea is to add more and more content, but I wanted to share the prototype to see if people like it.
I've added a play store link in the description, if you want to see how the game evolves. (And also because the game is more focused on android than pc)

Credits & Info

2.77 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2020
7:40 AM EDT