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WASD - movement

I - extended push/grab with glove

R - reset player

B - reset everything

Pressing R sets the player back to the starting position.

Pressing B (death) works like a traditional reset, restarting all objects.

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Music is fine at first but after a bit it does get a bit grating. I understand that's to replicate old school soundtracks but it doesn't mean they were all necessarily good. I like the concept of soft resets being used to the player's advantage too.

But there's a couple places where it cuts so close to the traps because of the limited movement that it doesn't feel like I'm improving every time I fail, it feels more like everything is skewed against me. I know exactly how to solve the puzzle but I can't actually do it for several rounds because I can't physically move fast enough to get away from the traps.

Overall I do enjoy the concept and I think it's put together well. Could use some adjustments and a little more substance, but for a short test of concept of sorts, it works well.

the music gets really jarring and rancid after a few loops. the sprite-work and background art can be better drawn by a kid in primary school, regardless of their artistic talent. the controls are wonky, moving my screen halfway off the page when i jump, and introduced poorly. overall awful game, wouldn't recommend it to a skeleton.

not bad, but the control layout is a little awkward and there are no instructions in-game. Other than that, good game

pretty boring and not really that fun

A bit finicky, but still fun. Short, though.