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Hot Salsa Concept Teaser

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Hot Salsa - Teaser Animation (Concept)

Thank you ScumHouse

and every single artist who is part of this for helping out in this and the future pilot!

Hot Salsa is an indie mexican adult animation and webcomic project from Baja California that is trying to create a series inspired by Mexican themed cartoons of the past, but created and written by a native Mexican author without censorship and changes to please a general crowd, but instead embrace México with everything it has to offer :)

This was a concept animation to showcase the characters interacting and to test out animation, I'm eventually trying to solidify the animation style into something imitating vintage cartoon modern 50's animation like in my last animation.

You can read the bilingual webcomic adventures here (Warning it has adult content, bad words, alcohol abuse and use of guns) https://tapas.io/mrhotsalsa

It's the story about the friendship and adventures of a dysfunctional gang of bandidos with a leader who suffers from impostor syndrome. Pico Salcedo is the son of a famous bandit, but he is a total coward, despite carrying on him the gun that made his dad famous. Hot Salsa's art is inspired by my love for old Mexican pulp comics like El Libro Vaquero and La Familia Burrón but it's story and adventures are told more in the style of something akin to a Shonen Manga from the 90's. It's a project that gives tribute to the culture in the North of México, the comics found in newspaper stalls all over my country. The reason it's an adult show is because it depicts a México the way I experience it growing up and without censorship, also mild erotic scenes lol

It's a big collaboration between a lot of indie Mexican artists from the internet who love Norteño culture as much as me and jumped in to help me make this the most authentic it can be. I do all of this in my free time, but for the future pilot's episode I even have the help of Mucha Lucha's original band who played their classic intro, they love Hot Salsa and want to compose the intro song for my show and make another amazing cumbia intro!


You can support the production of the pilot episode on Patreon! Gracias!

Special shoutout to Sr. Pelo for being part of this project, and to all the animators who helped me out on this, it means the world to me!

Director and Creator: Miguel Gradilla


Co-Director and Keyframe Animator: Arnaldo Gutierrez


Inbetween Animation: Facundo Avila and Patrick Collins



Backgrounds: Professor Clockwork


Cleanup and Production:

Jonathan Alexander -https://twitter.com/TheBadoe

Miguel Gradilla, Arnaldo Gutierrez, Shaggy DeOliveira

Sound Design- Jaime Juarez


Music- Norteño Friki



Pico- Facundo Avila

Calico- Lalothing https://www.instagram.com/lalothing

Chato- Sr. Pelo

Leticia- S. Meriweather https://www.instagram.com/s.meriweather

© 2020 Miguel Gradilla All rights reserved

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The Boy with the 🎸 is so Cute besides He kinda look like Little Eddie from Helluva Boss... Yo is This what he would look like When He's an Demon in Hell!?

Anthropromorphic cactuses. OK that is an idea that leads to so many clever designs and gag work, and I love how the cactuses are more humanized, unlike something like Toy Story and A Bug's Life, where it's simply just "What if toys had thoughts or what if bugs has thoughts." Can't wait to see more!

as a mexican i approve this

oense que lo iva a cocinar

Me latió un resto karnal, esta bien chida la animación compa!

I loved it bro!!! the animation is sick!

Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2020
11:07 PM EDT
  • Clip Studio Paint