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[BTNverse] Saccharine playground

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Author Comments

Warning: this game contains mature subjects and coarse language, and is therefore not recommended for children.

You were tasked by THE CLAW to gather illegal items across the lands ((they have a white outline, don't miss them!). Report all your friends to the godly authority until everyone is nice again!


Left + Right: run

Space/Up: Jump

Shift/Down: Empathy

R: Restart current room

Enter/M: toggle map

Programming, Design, Story:

Adrien Dittrick (twitter.com/AdrienDittrick)

Art, Music:

June Flower (twitter.com/juneflowa)

Made in 12 days for Indiepocalypse Issue #3

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this game is nothing just posses and die

adriendittrick responds:

I cry

I don't know how I feel about being what these games call me =P. Very interesting to have a meta thing across your games!

adriendittrick responds:

thanks:) I have common themes between my games yes, I like the idea of a world to explore with a local god to meet and interact with!

I finally made it through the entire game, I think some checkmarks or indication that you won't need to something in some areas (First area and the eye bridge area) may be helpful and stop the player from looking for the object/item. THE STORY tho, has some MEAT in it and it's definitely one of the more intriguing, disturbing and at the same time hopeful one. The last stretch has me on the edge of my seat utilizing the utmost of my speedrunning skills. Pretty okay metroidvania but one-of-a-kind story and a fourth wall break to remember,

If I made some grammatical or run on sentences, that's most likely because im writing this after I finished the game and currently in a state of adrenaline.

Really hope to see you improve in level design, this and a good level design goes hand in hand with a memorable game (And hopefully we get a some download release from you at some point.) Cheers!

adriendittrick responds:

hey there, thanks for the kind review :)
The story is the reason why this game was made, yes. It becomes part of my metaverse of games and gods.
If you're interested in a download release, I have one on itch:

Wow a crazy idea of a metroidvania.. Pretty amazing but a illtle confusing. I guess is the idea. Keep it up with the good work!!!

adriendittrick responds:

thanks for the kind reviews :)

Space Station Silicon Valley for the Super Nintendo is what this is.

adriendittrick responds:

weird flex but ok :)