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[BTNverse] Saccharine playground

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Warning: this game contains mature subjects and coarse language, and is therefore not recommended for children.

You were tasked by THE CLAW to gather illegal items across the lands ((they have a white outline, don't miss them!). Report all your friends to the godly authority until everyone is nice again!


Left + Right: run

Space/Up: Jump

Shift/Down: Empathy

R: Restart current room

Enter/M: toggle map

Programming, Design, Story:

Adrien Dittrick (twitter.com/AdrienDittrick)

Art, Music:

June Flower (twitter.com/juneflowa)

Made in 12 days for Indiepocalypse Issue #3

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As I play more of your games I'm really enjoying this meta, outer gods and vessels thing you've got going on with this BTNverse. On its own this game is a good introduction to the concept, and I really enjoy the gameplay mechanics of it as well. NPCs who affect your character in ways that sometimes help, sometimes hinder depending on context, and using those interactions to solve puzzles to advance. Reminds me of the Wario Land games. I also really like the sort of. Shrinking resources? As The Claw replaces more and more of the other characters you as the player have less mobility options and the world gets more empty. That sort of dread really carried the sense of horror for me. Great stuff!

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks for playing so many of my games :)

this freaking rocks!!!

Very fun once understood, I beat the game and enjoyed it all overall! Will revisit sometime in the future likely :>

adriendittrick responds:

thanks a lot for playing and congrats on finishing it :)

this game is nothing just posses and die

adriendittrick responds:

I cry

I don't know how I feel about being what these games call me =P. Very interesting to have a meta thing across your games!

adriendittrick responds:

thanks:) I have common themes between my games yes, I like the idea of a world to explore with a local god to meet and interact with!

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2020
8:38 AM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio