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Swingin' 3

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Author Comments

Grapple, pull, and swing the ragdoll in the finale! I had a lot of spare time recently so I spent the whole day making the final game. This game is meant to be challenging and difficult, so if it is too hard, please do not complain.

I actually personally liked Swingin' 2 better. I really hate the title screen art for this one.

Music by Evan King and MDK


Click a spot to grapple any object in that direction

Press Q to increase pull strength and E to reduce

I experimented a lot with the game and found it much more suitable for the levels to be vertical instead of horizontal.

Unfortunately I couldn't add shooting mechanics because it would interfere with the grapple mechanic. I'm really sorry and I promise I will make another shooting game in the future.

Oh my god, thanks Tom (again maybe another admin) for front paging it!

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ez game

An alright game, but too frustrating for me to get anywhere. While the game has a goofy, fun premise and comical ragdolls and such, the controls remain very confusing and frustrating to get used to, particularily when it comes to the pull strength, though grappling is also odd as well. I did have a bit more fun with this over Swingin' 2 because of the vertical layout, which seemed to be a bit more intuitive and easier to grapple with. I really want to like this game as I like grapplers and other challenging games like Getting Over It, but I just don't gel with the controls.

improve the backgrounds and play around with the color a bit, it could come in handy. But the idea is great and I love games with their own view of physics. Tighten them up a bit, sometimes it gets a little crazy. But keep up the good work!

I wish there were checkpoints on the towers since I fall down every time!
Still, it is true to the past 2 games!

Very similar to the first two games. This time you move up instead of right.

This seems like an interesting change, but the game window and resolution still uses album orientation, and because of that, i can see thick black walls left and right of the character (whith does nothing for me), and can not see up very far at all (which i really need to avoid the obstacles).

I think the game should use portrait orientation and let you see ahead a lot further than it is now.
I constantly cant see what's ahead and just pulling myself at random, hoping there's no traps there. Game is making me resort to trial and error (which im not a big fan of).
Add to that the fact that you cant controll your speed that well when gravity is constantly pushing you, and the difficulty becomes even harder that the previous games.
I stoppped around level 4.