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Toilet Paper Hoarder

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Author Comments

Toilet Paper Hoarder

Collect as much toilet paper as your heart desires

Watch the making of: 


Catch packs of toiletpaper in your cart and bring them to the check out to score a point.

Time attack

Collect as much toiletpaper as possible in one minute.

Max Points

Be the first to collect 10 pieces of toilet paper.

Golden Drop

There is just one piece of paper, Get it to the checkout!


W,a,s,d or arrow keys to move,  "Space" to push the enemies away

View the project on Github: 


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This is really hard but funny

Execution seems a bit lacking on this. Menus are bland and boring, barely anything is explained in game, text goes off of the screen, sounds get cut off, game seems unfair and difficult to win, enemy score is glitchy, toilet paper receptacles were intuitive, and so on. But I gotta say, moving the cart around felt really, really good: I loved the feeling of speed and drifting and found myself having a lot of fun ignoring the game and just pulling off tricks like a reverse 180. The core shopping cart controls feel great, I just need the rest of the game to match that profressionalism.

that was very epic

V e r y nice, i like your voice acting. What's the music?

JelleVermandere responds:

Thanks, I made it myself in garageband!

I cant see where i am going is there a earthquake going on