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(April Fools 2020) TTA Episode 074

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When going through my archive of old "TvTome Adventures" files, I came across the original script for what was going to be the premiere episode of Season 4, before I decided to stop doing the series altogether. To celebrate the year of the show's original setting, 2020, I decided for April Fools to put together a small sample of what that episode would've been. This was the actual script I wrote almost 15 years ago. To those who were disappointed that TTA never got a proper send-off, I apologize, but hope you enjoy this quick trip down memory lane and look forward to the TOME RPG!


TTA Episode 074: The Virus Hoard

A short time has passed since Motherboard was cleansed and all of TOME was saved by Gamecrazed and the others. The Netkings work tirelessly to remove the D-Bug's power from his character model, but to no avail. Alpha, questioning his role in all this, turned down the open position of ;Lavendera's moderator in the wake of Anidoug's banning. Our heroes can't enjoy a moment of peace, knowing that Phaxal is still out there...and he's already made some fast new friends. As the ultimate puppetmaster of all virus activity in the year 2020 finally rises from his tomb, the greatest threat of all is just on the horizon. The final chapter of TTA, at long last, kicks off!!


Episode Title (Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars OST)

The Pharaoh's Theme (Yu-Gi-Oh! American OST)

Thief King Bakura's Theme (Yu-Gi-Oh! American OST)

Mephiles' Whisper (Sonic 2006 OST)

Egyptian (Goldeneye 007 64 OST)

Ending Credits (Super Mario World OST)

Modern Casino Night Zone (Sonic Generations OST)

Watch the entire "TvTome Adventures" series here!


All Pre-Existing Music & Images are © their respective owners.

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This film was similar to that of an ASS taking a shit!
So pretty solid all the way through, could use more water though. :/

well you still have the chance to finish the original t.t.a "tome" series without flash this time.
[just think about it a little no presser]
just hope you online game your develop with your group show up on steam i forgot where it going to be published.
Edit: Phaxal , trollest trick they pull on another viruses.

LOL, I was not expecting that! I really should give the rest of TTA a watch when I have the chance.

Oh, while I'm here and I don't mean to be a pain but could you check your email? I have a project that I think you might be interested in.

Did I watch the whole thing? You know I did.

We all saw it coming right? All I can say is I missed Phaxal so much.

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3.55 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2020
12:49 AM EDT