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Day Drinkin 03/28

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So this was cool the virus element is good and you have some nice narrating here, maybe some added subtitles would be a plus, Right off from the start this was pretty good and interesting, But there were still some areas that could be even better as explained in review, So with this entry I found this one interesting and unique as some would say now ofcourse there are some things that you could implement in making things better, And that would give this an even better touch about it but thats for later.

maybe some added subtitles would be a plus


It's weird hearing other people talk about Silver Dollar City on the internet. Also RIP Ride the Ducks.

Do you ever wonder what the meaning of life actually is and realize it might just be an idea created by the Governments to disguise a hidden truth which is that we're all just clones of Adam and Steve?

Loving this. Good writing and voice acting. Simple, clean animation. Like everybody else, I'm stuck inside, and I decided to teach myself how to animate. Starting to feel like I've come to the right place to figure this stuff out. Congrats meatcanyon, you're the very first video I've ever watched on Newgrounds.

can you smack a duck in missouri?