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Country Of The Dead 3D [DEMO]

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Author Comments

Remade my game Country Of The Dead in 3D (not really). The game is only a demo, because I'm moving to Unity. The game was about 50% finished and I wanted to start with Unity, so instead of scrapping the project, I made it into a DEMO. That means, I'm probably never going to finish this.

There are some problems however :

  1. There are some black outlines on few animation frames, it's caused by the C2 compression
  2. Sometimes, zombies get stuck in a wall, causing them to stop.
  3. Shadows are a bit buggy. Sometimes, they can turn opaque, instead of transparent

W,A,S,D - Move

Left Click - Shoot

Changing weapons - Mouse wheel or arrow keys

Reload - R or Left Click (Has to be empty)

Esc - Quit

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I know this is a demo, and only "50% done" so issues are expected.

Overall it performed pretty well in the combat portion.
With some additional TLC, it would have been a decent game.
In fact: it reminded me a lot of another game I played that was very enjoyable.

This isn't 3D, it is a top down 2D.
Not that it makes it less fun, just tell it like it is.

The play area was way too small, and you have zombies spawning from 3 different directions.
Zombies are "inside fighters" who want to get close.
You're an "outside fighter" who wants to stay at range.
Forcing the in close fighting is frustrating, because it doesn't suit the fighting style.
This is a design mismatch.

The game should, IMO, switch to another screen for purchasing, and then drop back into the combat area. Better yet: proceed to another combat area.

At first I didn't realize I had 2 different guns, and fought exclusively with the pistol.
When the pop up came: I upgraded the assault riffle, both ways, and then the combat started again before I was done upgrading.

Only after 2 upgrade windows did I figure out that I had 2 weapons already.
I used the mouse wheel to switch weapons, but it kept switching back to the pistol.
(Only thing I can think of is I ran out of ammo?)

The materializing of zombies was a bit "magic".
I'd suggest having them come from "somewhere" instead of just appearing.
(Might have had to do with travel paths, and not wanting to get them stuck.)

In short: the close fighting made it intense, but not in a positive way.

VenixSK responds:

Thanks for playing, but also HUGE thanks for this review, since this will help me improve games even more.

Like you said, it's a demo, so next time more levels, more enemy types, more strategy than just run 'n gun would be nice. Nice time killer as is. Minor issue for next version: At the end of a wave, don't have the supply purchase menu pop up until nothing is left on the board that can kill you. I killed the last barfing zombie just as it managed to spew one last projectile, but purchase menu popped up, so the wave appeared done. Nope--projectile STILL LIVE. Had 10 health left, killed 'em all, wave completed, was moving cursor to buy stuff, but must have been hit beneath the menu, because game over...

Hey bro good work. Really liked it and had fun while playing. Maybe in the Unity version u could give us more space to move

Credits & Info

2.89 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2020
9:05 AM EDT