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[REVAMPED] Renascence Demo

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Author Comments

This is an updated version of the previous demo!

The CPF (Child Perfection Facility) has been taking "special" kids and running experiments on them, attempting to create a perfect child. However many of these experiments had resulted into creating the strange monsters you see wander the corridors.

I had a lot of fun making the glitch effects.

Dialogue is a little buggy, I'll fix it later.

Subscribe to ThePatientHusky, the amazing guy who has made all the music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3QNya9p-BJlk3zQO2mAyA

Thank you Bean-Summoner for the awesome suggestions!

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did Sr. Pelo play this?

Very similar to the previous demo. With some improvements here and there.

I got rekt less times this time. Since i remembered where the exit door is.

This gave me a heart attack man. The only thing I'd like to say is that the talking of the mom is slow paced and I wish there was a command to skip what she says. Same with the teacher. I love the glitch affects. Great job.

sorry for the cursing but holy shit this is so good to then point that i dont know what to say! awesome work! also i think the game should have lots of popularity, because its so good! also I LOVE the glitch effects! they really add to the story!

nulledwine responds:

Thank you so much!
I am actually taking a break from this and working on some other projects, but I'm glad you like it!

Another long one. I'm bad at compiling ideas ._.

Great job! I'm surprised you did so much so soon!
From tiny things like the menu screen or the random stranger in the hallway, to the bigger additions like the glitchy hallway or the whispers within it, all of those tiny details truly improved the game!

Some more suggestions I have are making the doors (specifically the faculty doors) be at the end of a hallway (so you can't see the main room from the door). This could help build a sense of isolation from the rest of the school. You could also do this with the science door, to isolate the faculty from it on the walk. It would also increase the mystery surrounding ????.

I liked the addition of the whispers in the hallway, definitely what it needed! Just make them quieter, more subtle. Consider making the track more like a "scripted sound", that fades in at a certain time, hangs out for about 5 seconds, then fades out, so then you don't have to deal with a weird cut and loop halfway down to the door. Also the glitch was perfect, exactly what the hallway needed to show that you're not in happy school land anymore.

The Game:
The enemy speed change was very helpful, and made deaths more reasonable (I'm assuming you're still working on the hitbox system itself).
I also like the new intercom, it initiates the story, as well as (according to the fast lines it has) truly starts the lore.
I have a few questions about the intercom though:
Is the intercom being sent from the school or facility? (Or….both..?) Are they genuinely worried about the student? Why should this happy school have access to a research facility's intercom..?
Also, aside from fixing its speed, I think the intercom along with most if not all dialogue, should be unskippable for a few seconds, to keep you from missing anything.

Other tiny optional tweaks:
-Door open and close sounds (quieter when happier, more noticeable when locked in a room)
-Footsteps after entering faculty room
-Is the facility abandoned? Is it running strong, and in control? Do they think they have it under control? Is it chaos? Just want to know so I can give better feedback on the story. Whichever state you chose it to be in, try and make the environment (floors, walls, equipment) reflect that.

Also, would a kid normally be brought to the CPA through the way the player has gone? If so, consider adding labels on the wall that make sense. For example: "CPA Experiments 10-20 ahead. For dropoff of Subject (main character), proceed to room F6." Or something else, like "warning. experiments in this area are currently uncontainable. procede with caution." Unless this area is for visitors/supervisors, in which case the signs about "don't worry we totally got this under control" would make sense.

Even Smaller Tweaks:
-Change/ Remove Teachers dialogue after telling you to explore (something like "we're not ready yet, go explore first!" would work)
Why is the screen black when talking to mom?
-Consider removing the option to skip dialogue; I find myself missing information by accidently skipping more than anything!

Aside from that, I think the numerous improvements you made in such a short time is awesome! I truly can't wait to see the full thing! Great job :D
Also thanks for the shoutout!

nulledwine responds:

Thank you again for the amazing feedback!
I had to do a lot of research to figure out how to make glitch effects and stuff. Also my friend drew the title page, cause she's really good at art.
I've had the idea to expand the map for some time now, the door isolation idea you have is perfect! Definitely going to change the map. Thanks for the info about the whispers too, I kinda had the same idea.
So for the lore, the facility is placed underneath the school. Cause you know, there's kids in schools so a lot of subjects to experiment on. The school is able to access both intercoms; the one in the school and the one in the facility. Because no one else is currently in the facility the school used the cameras to locate the student, and the intercom to communicate that he was lead into the wrong room.
As I said, the dialogue is still a bit buggy, and I am currently working on making the cutscenes unskippable.
More lore, the facility is usually under control, but the teachers/employees are not happy working there, scared of the children they experiment on. It was the principal's idea, to create a perfect child.
As for leading the experiments to the facility, they were usually brought by teachers, (They were told someone need to see them etc.). The player himself had just been falsely leaded there on accident. I like your idea for the signs though, definitely going to implement that as well.
To add onto the lore, I'm planning to have teachers journal entries around the place so you can learn about what happened.
Probably going to implement all of your small tweaks, and my buddy is helping me make sound effects for the game as well.
Thanks again for your amazing feedback!

Credits & Info

3.01 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2020
4:42 PM EDT