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Binary Rose - Chapter 8

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James helps Black Lightning discuss race realism for the final time despite being at odds with him. With a shaky alliance, this might prove difficult to finish.


So here’s where I rant about the creative process of this chapter. When I say this I mean it, this chapter has been through development HELL! Constantly being re-scripted over and over and over again… The big reason why it took so long was due to my writing standards changing so much during production(the production of this chapter began in 2018!) The first “final” draft was VERY meta and more about Black Lightning and James’ take on race realism. Of course their different perspectives created long paragraph rants between the two but then I thought, “No real person talk like that! Someone should have cut the other person off by now.”

The real final draft keeps the meta element but finds a satisfying balance between story and character development. My choice to drastically shift the conversation away from race realism was due to me noticing the only people making the biggest stink about the topic are basement dwelling “big brains” with no real sway in the scientific world. Your average person doesn’t care and I personally advise against wasting your precious time on this topic. So I removed out a LOT of the race realism meta talk and replaced it with more Black Lightning and James interaction.

This chapter is an end of an era for Binary Rose. Not only is it the official Season Cyan finale but starting with Binary Rose chapter 9, the main plot will be drastically different. If you liked Wingless Butterfly’s writing, expect something like that(including art improvements.) The meta politics will remain next season but the execution will be much better.

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2.91 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2020
3:20 PM EDT