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Renascence Demo [OLD]

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Author Comments

Subscribe to ThePatientHusky, the guy who made the music for this game.


The CPF (Child Perfection Facility) has been taking "special" kids and running experiments on them to create the perfect child. However, many of these experiments went wrong and have created strange monsters that wander the corridors of the facility.

Please provide me with feedback so I can polish everything up for the full version.

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Mine munu was cool.

Main character hands are often look white when he walks north. Spooky.
Also he always walks in plase when im not pressing any directions. That must be really tiring.
Overall weird kid. Might be supernatural.

Music stopped after few minutes of walking int the starting location and it got too quiet. Didn't like that.

I got rekt ALOT. The maze with monsters was brutal and seemed a bit unfair.
I could see what is happening left and right ok. But up and down view distance is noticeably shorter. And that left me with barely any time to react to whatever i catch a glimpse out there.
Had to trial and error memorize a lot of spots where super fast bad guys would insta kill me in order to get to the ending. Lost a little bit of sanity.

I love small horror games, and loved this ones concept, so this one's gonna be long but hear me out please!

Overall, great game!
I love the way you achieved a good horror atmosphere without having to use extra stuff! I loved the music cut when entering the closet too, really helped set the mood. The game feels overall like Petscop (because of the creepy dead kid stuff and music cuts to show that something is off), Undertale (because it also uses music well, also similar to gasters "experiments"), Bendy and the Ink Machine (for tar-ish character models and player tracking), and, of course, Kindergarten (because its a pixel "mystery" game disguised as a cute kindergarten simulator but you slowly discover a secret operation using kids for experiments). I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I'm just saying you can take inspiration from all these stories to help you build your story (unless you already have one, in which case I can't wait for the full game!) Overall awesome!
If you don't mind me giving some tips, I would recommend a few things:
First (and most importantly) CHANGE THE BUTTONS! I know there isnt much use for them yet, but I would like a Q and E combo.
Secondly, adding somethign else to highten the mood, such as whispers or footsteps could help a lot too.
Thirdly, I'm assuming you already have plans to flesh out the intro more, but if you don't, I'd recommend a slightly different sequence to how the player ends up in the room other than getting supplies right away. Maybe he's on his way to get supplies when bullies catch him and throw him in there as a prank. Or maybe he gets lost and someone mysterious falsely guides him there. The possibilities are endless.

Now, for the actual game.

I just want to first say great job again for setting the eerie horror mood! Definitely put me on edge, and yes the jumpscares got me quite a few times. Great work!
Firstly, the deaths were kind of annoying. They would trigger when you weren't even that close to an enemy. I understand that when you're that close the enemy can easily close the distance. But I have some things that could help prevent the situation in the first place. Firstly, you could make the trigger for the jumpscare even smaller, maybe even smaller than the player model. So mobs have to be on top of you to kill you. Or, you could make the character faster or the mobs slower.

The other thing I was wondering about was the level design. I was literally mapping out the level, and I found that there were certain areas I couldn't map out all the way due to the "glitchers" (the red ones that look like the game over screen) these ones I'm assuming were made fast and no-clipping (more than other mobs) for a reason, but what will they be in the full game? currently there seems to only be 2, that stay in there general area unless provoked, but when provoked... well, you know.
Lastly, I was wondering about your future plans for the game. Will it be level based? Will it be errand based? What will you add? More characters? Enemies? I can't wait to see the full thing! good luck to you and your team! Best of luck on this game and others!
(and thank you SO much for reading my hella long review)

nullBinary responds:

Thank you so much for the feedback man!
Now this is the kind of review I was hoping to get.
Yes, I have adapted some aspects from other games, but they are likely to change in the future.
I've had a lot of trouble with creating cutscenes, and I know the player is kinda thrown into the monsters a little too fast, but I love your ideas. Probably going to use the mysterious guide.
So there are two enemies types: wandering and stationary. Both have an attack radius and both have a kill trigger. Thank you for telling me about the trigger situation, I will be fixing that. You should be able to outrun the mobs, however the stationary mobs have a much bigger range to spot you and usually not outrunnable. I probably should nerf a lot of the enemies.
The glitchers (They're actually called homicides in the game files) are meant to be fast and unavoidable. I should probably nerf them as well.
The full game will be more likely area based, puzzles, more enemies, and bosses. I have everything planned out.
Thanks again for the amazing feedback!

make the full version and put it on newgrounds i would love that so much please do so

nullBinary responds:

The full version is likely going to be on gamejolt but I will put a more updated demo on newgrounds later

it seems this game is inspired by undertale in a few aspects? (you can tell me in wrong if i am) (also not like that's a bad thing) i can see some in the signs in the entrance to the room where you encounter monsters. the signs look like the signs in the "true lab". also the monster kinda look like the amalgamates in the "true lab''. i would say the only thing that bugged me was the lureing aspect, i think it's a little too hard. but other than that amazing game! cant wait to see the full version! 😀 (edit) i think the enemys are a little bit too fast. but like i said amazing game! (edit 2 , i may have found a major bug, when u hold up while entering the door to thelab you can glitchh and skip parts(edit 3 its every few deaths it will happen)

nullBinary responds:

Yes, I have based a few aspects off of undertale (One of my favourites too). They're just for the basic concept and probably will change in the future.

About the luring, thanks for telling me. I will be fixing that.

games good hope to see full ver soon

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2020
2:14 PM EDT