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OTB - Sea of Clocks

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Brief OTB episode I put together, inspired in part by videogames.

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what a spectacular movie!
i loved that it made fun of the well-known pirate ships videogame, and that it used cool combat and funny comebacks in each moment of the movie...
''it serves you right for spawning in a sloop!'' was one of the funniest punchlines in this movie, and a personal favorite of mine.
i loved voice-acting as the pirates, and i really liked the whole story of the film, the adventure, and the epic ending! (lol)

needless to say, the way you draw ships, both the pirate's frigates, radiotube's sloop, and the other, more sophisticated battleship, is flawless and very realistically done.
excellent work, my friend!
keep it up!

Imagine an unofficial clockmod for the official game. :) This could be something...

Plotline feels a bit more nonsensical than normal but definitely enjoyable. Wonder if those salty bananas might've been pickles hmm...


I really like the artwork you did for this especially for it being a facetime club animation.

Who would win?

Legacy of age of Discovery

Huge Navy boi