Bruce Lee Presents

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Ok first of all, Its not 3 hours long, if I had more sound to work with I would have went on, so this is just a segment. Its mostly ABOUT NOTHING, so I don't want to hear you bitchin at me. You wanted more Blue Flamez, here you are. Since you prejudice people hate stick figures, I did one unsticked. Please Enjoy. Obsidian Chaos 2 production is moving, but slowly. hang in there. -Made in 3 hours -Runnin time, roughl 1:30, This movie was inspired by and actual Maya created d movie, its similar... Pardon me if it doesn't look anything like Lee, personally I dun give a fuck n a half


You're a thief

you stole the whole idea and sound from pixar i mean thats pretty uncool why cudnt u think of something urself i rate this so low because this is the thieved work of ppl who actually worked hard on this all u did is throw in lil changes i dont like it at all im sorry make something original.

not good enough

it's okay but it could be better. bruce lee rules


You had nothing to do with the movie you read the credits dont take credit for someone ele's work. Freelancer

moron reviewers.

Listen people, RATE BY GRAPHICS NOT SO MUCH BY HUMOR! then you will see how great this flash really is.

You copied it, but who cares!

I know you copied that from the 3d bruce lee animation thing. but who cares. You did it all your self, and you did it very well. Thats a great wee movie with good animation and graphics. Hope you make more

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2.70 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2002
8:32 PM EST
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