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The Etiquette

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This is a movie by Losperman and I. We wanted to get it out before Christmas, but we had some problems with Flash. So, Enjoy!

Yes, the preloader is still messed up. The .fla is on my other comp and i haven't had a chance to get it. Just right click and click play to stop. Once it is done loading, right click and click play again. Again, I'm am sorry.

this was made when the CC was fun.

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Honestly the best thing I have ever seen on Newgrounds. I love the Clock Crew and I love Mafia stories. Greatest combination ever! The music was also very well integrated as well.

He's dead?!

Dude, I was seriously not expecting StrawberryClock to die in this! The end does leave me with some questions, like wouldn't OrangeClock be a ColorClock? He is the same shape and size as a ColorClock and if he is a fruit clock, then who is the real Orange (color)Clock? Anyway, this had some good twists and turns, but it could have used more music. It was overall fun to see all of those clocks being credited. You threw in a pretty neat thing at the end and I hope you had a good winter season.

I was bored to tears

Here I was expecting some great clock masterpiece and I find out it's actually one of the more boring clock movies I've ever had to sit through. That so sucked, even for it's time.

Took Long Enough

I was drinking chocolate milk and pumping iron.

This is... how do you say?