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TimyTales: Sowrd

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Whats this?? Haylie's posting an....ANIMATION??

Yes finally after years i made something original. Timy, Hunter, and Phil go to a garage sale and buy a few things... Including a dun dun dun SWORD!!!

It's not the best but it's something.

Dont be afraid to give me constructive criticism, i'll need it if i ever wanna animate for a living.


Animation by me

Voices by me

Sound effects by my leg

Sword sound by me

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Well, I really liked the facial expressions and the dialogue wasn't bad, but you clearly need a couple more things in the screen for this to work... It's a little TOO minimalistic. Some work with that, but in my opinion, not this case. With bodies, more animation or backgrounds this would be better.

MeybeHeyle responds:

Its supposed to be really simplistic but you're right, it could use more complexity n stuff. It definitely needs more movement i agree with you on that. The dialogue could use work, i worked off a comic i made a year or two ago. Thank you for your comment, this was extremely helpful!


MeybeHeyle responds:

Thank you

Rip That Guy (2020-2020)
Cause of death: Microwave

MeybeHeyle responds:

I would say f in chat, but lets press w instead to move forward from this tragedy

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Mar 18, 2020
9:29 PM EDT