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I Wanna Be The Mango v0.1

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EDIT: Please don't play this game, I'm not proud of it at all.

I Wanna Be The Mango is an incomplete I Wanna Be The Guy fangame where you play as a ripe mango going against the countless platforming horrors that await you at every level. Keep in mind that it is currently still a very early demo, and therefore you shouldn't expect much. Please be sure to leave your suggestions / bug reports / opinions in the comments.


Jump/Confirm/Switch Gravity(VVVVVV Area) - Z

Restart - R

Move - Arrow Keys

Soundtrack -

Moskito's Rage(Rayman OST)

Pushing Onwards(VVVVVV OST)

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(First, I only played through the first three screens; this is some quick feedback based on those.)

I love super hard games! The only thing is… the best thing about IWBTG is the variety in the levels and how utterly, destabilisingly vindictive they could be. A lot of the fun wasn't just planning your way around a visibly difficult level—it was the surprise when the level revealed a whole new way to be hostile to the player. Spikes randomly falling down (or up) on you, randomly deadly scenery, invisible blocks… It kept you on your toes, and made every new screen a (masochistic) joy to explore.

By contrast, I played through a few screens of IWBTMango and very little really surprised me. Being flipped upside down was a global change; IWBTG excelled at defeating your expectations to the point you came to expect shenanigans on every single screen. Here, my biggest surprise was that everything was exactly what it appeared to be. I suspect this is going to change as you continue to work on it!

Another thing about IWBTG: it had just enough "tightness" to play predictably. The controls felt reasonably precise (though not great) and the hitboxes were modest, so you had a good idea of what was possible and how to go from intent to execution in advance. With this, there was something slightly… slippery. The controls never quite felt natural (especially reaching up to press R when I wanted to restart), and maybe I'm slower than I used to be, but the hitbox on those bugs in particular seemed a bit generous. I know both of these are extremely tough to get right! Just wanted to mention them as they're very fundamental and you're looking for early feedback on what looks like a promising tribute!

TralocDheckoa responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I will definitely try to improve on those parts.

i think its not too bad but i cant get past the part where the mosquitos chase you
btw i think that when you die the blood should be orange or yellow

TralocDheckoa responds:

Yeah, I've always thought the 'blood' was kinda unfitting for this game too.

I can't get passed the title. Probably because I'm stupid, but I love the title though.

Edit: I got past the title screen! *APPLAUSE*

TralocDheckoa responds:

It literally says 'Press Z to continue'...

not playable even. Not sure if the author tried to pass the game.

TralocDheckoa responds:

I always test my games before publishing them onto sites like newgrounds, and I can assure you that all the levels are possible by human hands. I even beat it once after publishing it, just to make sure. If you can't believe me, I can send you a video of me beating the game by email.

it is a very difficult game to be sure
it ramps up in difficulty very quickly and there isn't much to look at either
eventhough it is still pretty responsive and a good platformer
overall I think it deserves it's 2.71/5.00 rating

Credits & Info

2.73 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2020
4:04 AM EDT
  • Stencyl