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If any of you remember back when SPECTRI CoMiCs was Cartoon-side Comics you remember that we used to have a cartoon called WW2:The Company. The episodes were good but very short because i did not know how to compact the file. I have learned how to now. SPECTRI CoMiCs is proud to bring back a new WW2:The Company. This is the Trailer for us bringing it back.

This Trailer shows real pictures from the war. Not fake ones REAL ONES! It also has the real speech that Dwight D. Eisenhower gave on D-Day. The Address to the soldiers. It took me forever to find the speech. At the very end of this trailer you will see my new 3d graphics that i have. I made a 3D Luger. For all of those who dont know what a Luger is it was a pistol that the German soldiers used in WW2.

WW2:The Company Episode 1 -- D-Day

This Episode will be coming out shortly and i hope you WW2 fans are ready for it because it is going to be KICK ASS!!!

Vote and Review on this so that i know what you think and can make more of the WW2 Series! Thanks VOTE AND REVIEW!


good job

ww2 was a bad war for the u.s.
good job^-^


Great job! That was sweet!

damn dat was good

dat is the most fact based WW2 submission i hav seen on newgrounds and i being a WW2 enthusiast enjoyed it for that reason i seriously hope we never hav to hav anuver war like WW1 OR WW2 as to many ppl died fighting in these wars, i hold nothing against the germans either as they wer following oreders from Hitler they never chose to start a war so i am not biased to the different countries hoo fought in this war they wer all der 4 one reason 2 defend der country and der is noffing rong wif dat its just a shame tere was such a high number of deaths, well done for this submission its brilliant.


I too have seen this film many times and yet it still gets to me, war is hard, very hard, i have a couple of friends in the war and it was hard to hear that they had died, they said they found there body parts laying every where, they had been hit my a bomb, then threw from the force and hit a land mine, it's said impossible for that to happen but it is not impossible.One of the guys that were there had assked me to Marry him, had accepted, we were to be married when i was old enough which was in 5 years, but now he's dead and i have no one, but yes war is hard and i am very touched by this film every time my eyes fall opon it, thanks for submiting this film, i'm putting it on my favorites and watching it every day i wake, thank you man, thank you.

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I've seen this movie so many times..and it still gets to me..war is a hard thing to accept. It's a great video, and you should DEFINETLY keep making the series. Dont stop.

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Dec 28, 2002
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