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Curse of the eastern god

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Made in 48 hours forĀ #ldjam43

You are the SACRIFICE for a ritual that aims to please the EASTERN GOD.

They've put a CURSE upon you which forces you to MEET YOUR END.



WASD/arrow keys: move

F4: toggle fullscreen

If you play the HTML5 version, remember to click the screen to start.

The full OST of the game can be found here:


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i'Ve cOMe tO BaRGaIN.

4.5/5 would annoy again.

adriendittrick responds:

most of my games have a local god that you can annoy as much as you want :p

An interesting experience that I enjoyed, but is marred by a few frustrating points. The chest blocking your way which requires you to go back and touch the left side of the screen can be really confusing: most players will not expect to have to do that since it's not intuitive that it would have any effect since they already know going back is useless, and they'd probably assume they are stuck and reset the game to try again or just stop completely in frustration. The last chase scene was really cool, but it kinda took a long time to get to it in the first place, and it wasn't clear whether it was even winnable: I tried it three times but couldn't find a way through: if it does expect you to do more attempts than that despite the end being a brick wall that didn't seem to change from my subsequent runs, that might be asking too much from the player. Cool music and presentation, however, made it a unique and cool journey!

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks for the kind review :)
Also yes,the game is meant to be frustrating and confusing, I basically built it as a gamer torture experiment X)

Can't go backwards, hit a chest that requires $10, I only had $1, so I got stuck.

adriendittrick responds:

Did you TRY going backwards though? I don't think you did :p

Very clever, but the last sequence has me a bit annoyed, the jumping mechanics are pretty unresponsive, especially when you are super fast near the end, i miss my jumps through the pits and it doesn't really feel like my fault. Maybe implement some checkpoints if someone dies like a dozen times.

adriendittrick responds:

I've actually tried improving my platforming since that time, and added nifty features like coyote time to my latest projects!
Also the last sequence isn't meant to be beaten anyway :p

pretty clever