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Tower Defense: Raid 51

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Tower Defense: Raid 51 was originally made during the hype of the Area 51 memes where our game originally just attacked an enemy base. Now the base also sends enemies at us! Send your Ninja Runners, Karens, Kyles, and even more characters to the other base to beat it and gain new characters as you progress through the levels! This game is still very early in its development and needs more polishing but we wanted to share it to see how you guys like it and to gain feedback! Thanks for giving it a shot! *We are working on a fix for the money feature since it slowed down a lot when we published to WebGL*.

How to play:

-Use the 6 (unlockable) buttons to send a special character to attack and defend from the enemy team.

-Press the "+$500" button to make your earnings rate increase (note this will make the cost of the same button go up after every click).

-Have fun!

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In which world is this a "tower defense" game?
Also, I still had the issue with bars offscreen (unless in fullscreen) and the businessman whose numbers were shown but who never were seen.

why is their so much hp on the cage???

Man, the last level is intense. I did have a couple of issues. The health bars for both bases seem to continue off-screen. When I finally beat 1-8, my health bar looked like it had hit zero and then my base took many more hits.

Also, in that same run, it showed me having 2 live businessmen but they weren't anywhere on the screen. I had sent them while spamming anything I could afford as my base was getting pummeled. They were nowhere to be found even after I'd driven back the enemies and gone on the attack. (Perhaps they got knocked off the screen and couldn't come back? Or maybe they died and their deaths didn't register in the counter.)

SpicyCatStudios responds:

Thank you for letting us know, we thought the bug was fixed but apparently not (this bug has happened before 😅). We'll test the game more thoroughly and look into what the root cause might be. Thanks for playing!

I got beat on lvl 4 fun game though even with small map im sure if map was just a bit long i would of breezed by lvl 4 like other lvls lol gg though charecters look cool you should think about makings some medals for this game likes each level can be a medal with a alien fce on it diffrent alien face per level and make it feel like your saving aliens from area 51 as you play more.

SpicyCatStudios responds:

Thanks for playing! This is our second game on Newgrounds and we will look into how to implement medals per game progression, I'm sure there's good resources on how to use that feature!

I wasn't able to beat level 1-3. Maybe lower enemy strength or spawn rate there. Good game and unique concept otherwise.

SpicyCatStudios responds:

Ah yes, you're right the difficulty might be too impossible and can be toned down in this level. Thanks for your feedback!

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2020
5:05 AM EDT