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The Darkest Night

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iu_99877_7618072.jpgSurvive as long as you can, through the darkest night. Scavenge your surroundings for berries to eat, and firewood to keep the fire burning. Be wary of the darkness...

~ ~ ~


- If you are playing on browser, please use Chrome (you may need to zoom out)

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Made for the Lux Jam 1 in 2 days. Enjoy :3

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Don't Starve but you have a unbelievably fast metabolism, haha. Cute score-attack game that gives you a nice bit of fun as you speed around, trying to decide whether to risk staying away from the campfire a bit longer. Maybe a bit too fast-paced, but also has a nice 'one-more' feel to it because of that.

Don't Starve Speedrun :)

Reminds me of Don't Starve for some reason.

Very nice to look at and pretty fun, if extremely difficult as others have pointed out. The idea of a very fast paced survival-themed game is pretty unique.

I don't think the balance issues as particularly game-breaking seeing as this is more of a arcade/minigame, but maybe to avoid the frustration a lot of people are facing the difficulty could ramp up a bit more slowly. I personally found hunger impossible to stay on top of, with food restoring so little of it.

Same problems as others pointed out render the game unplayable beyond 1min