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Victorian Debutant 0.1

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You're a teenage girl in Victorian England. Soon, you'll be old enough and skilled enough to be presented to the Queen and then you will officially be in the market. You will marry a good man and keep his house warm, safe, and elegant. Maybe even give him some pretty, well-behaved children who will one day be bright members of the society.

Unless you go astray form the path your parents prepared for you.

Unless you rebel against the social expectations of you.

Unless you choose to live you life differently.


Click on one of four options to continue your adventure as a Victorian debutant and get one of four endings possible. Replay to get another ending until you get them all~gotta get them all~!

I only did a tiny tiny bit of reading in the era so some things might be twisted or inconsistent, don't come at me about that, I tried.



This game is a very basic version of what I have in mind and somewhere in my plans. I'm planning on developing both the plot and the graphics (as you may observe throughout the game my drawing skills improve over time). One of my future project is to create more adult-oriented sequel where you could continue the adventure after your debut. Because for those who don't know that yet, I am a fan of adult games in general. You can find recommendations of those on this platform on my Patreon page (https://www.patreon.com/m/liquiddarkness) . That is, if you're of legal age.

I have some more family-friendly content going on at the moment and, hopefully, I'll post it this year. I work a lot and am a noob developer so creating things takes me quite long weeks, I wish it didn't.

Play the game, maybe follow me or something. Definitely comment down, I like being interactive in the Internet.




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First game I came across on this website and I absolutely adore it. Thank you :)

LiquidDarkness responds:

My oh my, I'm so glad mine was your first! Browse the website, there are crazy many more, even better! I could recommend you a few, if you'd like :D
Also, thank you sooo much for nice words, I appreciate them!

I love to experience new stories like this! The drama and the choice making makes me nervous but thrilled at the same time on what happens next. LOVE IT <3

LiquidDarkness responds:

You got me histericaly "kya~" for a good 30 seconds, seriously! I am soo happy you liked the drama and I promise I will bring some more in next updates! I also noticed you like similar games as I do, stick around for some Recommendations, my dude <3

Very interesting, absorbing plot. I like the artwork and historical correctness, I guess you spent some time researching how the life in Victorian Era was. I really appreciate it.
There are still some small technical issues but they don't spoil the impression at all.
Hope you'll publish new release soon!

LiquidDarkness responds:

Thank you for such a kind comment! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed my game, I feel very motivated to work harder on my creations :3

UnityProgress is not defined.

Maybe you forgot to upload the UnityProgress.js file?

You should check after upload.

LiquidDarkness responds:

It's working now. Turns out I didn't include .htaccess file.
Was the one-star review necessary, tho? T_T

Failed to load. I'm disappointed, because the concept sounds wonderful.

LiquidDarkness responds:

I'll take care of that, as soon as possible! I'm also very happy that you find the concept good, it sparkles joy in me <3