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Fenrir Art Short 2

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The blue wolves hunt and chase blue rabbits.

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As nice as the artwork is, this is mostly a slideshow. It makes me wonder why you haven't animated the whole thing like your closing logo, which is at least decent animation. Also, there is a lack of sound and music, and the music that is there is both a bit unremarkable and grating. I apologize for the harsh review.

FenrirArtGEM responds:

This is not a slideshow. This is a art-movie. It does not need to be what media sold to you through lies and control. I know music is not best and it did not have to be. If you want something that lies to you and makes you feel safer than a armadillo, go watch a Disney movie. But, thanks for the critique. Whoever you are, you are not me and will NEVER know how hard it really is to make your own thing.