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ThorClock Takes Over: Part 22

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Guns are... our friend... ships? Like our friends are bullets?

Anyway bit simple this one but aight, it's got some twist to it. Onto the ongoing sequels...


LOL that was funny

Brayfer responds:

Nice to see you here Luan. And yes, Thor's clockimation was rather funny.

I wasn't expecting that ending, extremely plot twist!
Also nice rob clock people.

Robclock's cousins still have his DNA, so I don't see what makes them less unappealing.

Ushnor responds:

Robclocks is just a really common first name and Cousin is a really common last name in clocktopia. None of them are actually related to RobClock

thorclock is a wize wizard, very knowledgeable in the dark arts of gun.

Ushnor responds:

I cast magic missile! The material component of my spell is a bullet