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Hey there! This was a part of a Frederator pilot organized by Chimaru for a fortnite cartoon utilizing different animators and styles for the sequences. I was approached to make a fighting game style one, And the one I thought immediately was doing a homage to one of my favorite games to watch Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Which admittedly I never got into competitively cause I had nobody to play with back then)

You can check out the whole bit over here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llC2YsP-vfI

But it was a fun one to do! I was able to finish this a little over a month (To justify time and budget) and I think it turned out alright! I actually made individual sprite animations for a couple of sequences to make it more authentic and it was a tiring but pretty fun process. I've been given the go signal to share this bit so I hope you enjoy it

Check out my twitter where I post sometimes : https://twitter.com/Saltbeast_

And check out the lovelies that produced and helped collaborate on this :

Chimaru - https://twitter.com/SilentChimaru

Profkranc - https://twitter.com/profkranc

Coolisushi - https://twitter.com/CooliSushi

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dmubass fotniet chereter dont talk!


So this one was pretty entertaining the sounds and effects really came off well, the action scenes was nice I do wish there was more dialog though, you idd some good scenes though especially the action scenes, anyways a good little film here so nice job.

I do wish there was more dialog though



Funny skit, pretty relatable too. 5/5

Is it game for zoomers?

Good animation, I reallt hate playing fighting games with those people who just keep pressing the same damn button all the time. Anyways - Good job!