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Alien proof

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This is the story of a kid who proves his bullies wrong by accidentally killing an alien... that's about it...

I hope you enjoyed it! If you did you can always check out my :

YT : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChzoC4N6JwTuubGhRcQP15Q?view_as=subscriber

Twitter :https://twitter.com/EBBlueberry

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This made me burst out laughing multiple times. 😃
Camera movement & angles were on point. 👌

Sound mixing was off and all over the place, and animation/character design was a bit off.
Still, though, I burst out laughing twice, so good writing.

Hahaha, this was pretty funny sir

The part where the bully said, "You blinded me, I can't see shit," made me fucking die.


Well as an animation its nice I do think some added subtitles could go a long way with this one, Ok first off notbad with this one I like the style and direction you took with this, So while this was pretty good it could use a few extras It had everything that made it a great film nice content and nice detail and nice graphics, So all and all this was actually a pretty good movie, There was some things that could be better and more detailed but thats for later to explain.

I do think some added subtitles could go a long way with this one