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Reduce 2 - Part I

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Welcome everyone!

This is the second part of the adventure with all the characters (a total of 20 characters (or more :P) in the entire saga). Reduce 2 is a big challenge for our heroes and they are susceptible to not only physical wounds, but also can suffer mental wounds... they can break down and even change completely under the influence of the perverse mother of nature.

This animation has a lot of various details (in quality: HIGH is a 'high' probability that it will not run smoothly), so we have the most effective solution - choosing the method: MEDIUM (default) - can prevent lags and also experimental (automatic) solution - we know is not 'perfect' so please be understanding and don't write malicious comments on this topic.

If you prefer to watch Reduce 2 Part I on your desktop click here!

We divided Reduce 2 into two parts because it turned out that Adobe Animate has limitations: "16,000 frames: When targeting Flash Player, exceeding this limit causes the movie playback to stop. While most developers never reach this limit, it is possible..." - we also experienced it, but there is also a good side - you can already see Reduce 2 - Part I, and when it comes to Reduce 2 - Part II it is 70% finished, so it will be ready in the near future.

Me and my brother would like to especially thank the voice actors who gave voice to our heroes in Reduce 2, so... thank you very much :)

This project took us 'some' time, namely we worked on it from 22 September 2018 to 25 January 2020, so I hope you guys like it :)

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Don't forget to vote :P

Greetings from all the team...

If you want to watch Reduce (first episode) just:

and Reduce - Summary (to first episode) just:

or if you want to get to know about the creatures (insects) just:

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Wow, love the lore of this series. I'd like to see how they "reduced" in size in the first place

Mejson responds:

All in all, this can also be deduced from the expansion - Reduce 2 - Pass of Time. Well, it turns out that this expansion explains a lot XD For sure people who were curious and couldn't wait they be happy :)

Win of second episode /part I/ (in my opinion):
"We're getting close..."

How long we have to wait for Bott* role? 0:)

Mejson responds:

Thanks for the comment and honest assessment according to your feelings.

Bott* will probably be saved / found in Reduce 3 - Part I.


It really is a type of stick figure (not really the typical stick figure either - no lack of detail here) adventure you don't usually see! With a very different kind of threat, with a slower pace, with focus on scenery as much as on the action itself, and always ominous background music a brewing behind a team of tight-knit soldiers where everyone has a very uniquely sculpted personality... I might be biased though. Took some time to get the lines right and in character as they were meant to be. :P I doubt you can perceive as much in the act or audio as there really is in the backstory. Hopefully that keeps improving though, and the character with each character comes across more and more. I still feel the script and accentuation aren't really the most natural all the time, but better and better...

I love the premise, and what a personal adventure it becomes when everyone in a way plays their own role. The main flaw to me is maybe that it does take a while to really start feeling the desperation of their world; that even the elements are against them. When the rain first falls here you hear the thunder and yet... you only get a small glimpse of the threat in the water. It simply moves on to the next scene. The fighting is also all in good fun and practice at first, until the ants show up en masse, and suddenly everything changes...

It feels like it's a story that requires patience to get into, and I wonder if the pacing would be better if it moved faster or not. Since the wait also enhances the mood when something actually does happen maybe this is the right way, just hope viewers give it the time it needs for the atmosphere to really build. It feels like both a strength and weakness that way. Something that separates this from similar work, but also doesn't really give you an instant adrenaline rush from the start. Knowing what's to come maybe you have more anticipation from the get go; know it'll just keep getting better and better as it goes. But not everyone might give it that chance.

Appreciate the amount of effort that goes into all the details too, both with the animation and the interface, with extras and character bios and everything. Really cool how the character weaknesses are based on real diagnoses, and that the little card below that part of their personality actualy links to a Wikipedia page with more info about each one. Surprisingly enlightening little detail I think most viewers might miss there (also seems like all links work fine in the .exe version - it lags less as well - nice idea providing that as an option). Regarding the lag though: still can't quite escape it! Seems if you right-click and choose low quality the script overrides it for each new chapter too. Would be nice if the right-click worked the same way as the built-in toggle. Though I know I'm on a bit old hardware at this point, for most maybe this is no problem...

Overall it's been a pleasure to be a part of this, and looking forward to seeing the story unfold in full with the next part. Feels like this one ends right before you really realize the tragedy too, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the tone will keep changing in the next one, darker but also: maybe so much more immersive...

Also still surprised nobody's posted a review here yet! This long a commitment deserves some recognition at the least. ;) Good stuff.


Mejson responds:

Thank you @Cyberdevil for such a comprehensive and comprehensive commentary.

I think the action seems to be slow to develop, but it results from the fact that creating the animation itself is not easy and the fact that I do it myself - that's why it goes so long creating.

After all, it gives me pleasure and I do it for my fans - I greet you warmly.

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Jan 31, 2020
5:01 PM EST
  • Photoshop
  • Audacity
  • Animate