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Carapace 25 Points

Max out your armor level

Spit & Drool 50 Points

Max out your spit level

Wax Matriarchy 100 Points

Reach a better ending

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Take control of a weird insect trying to lay its eggs in a warm and cozy place. The game has two modes; exploration mode and flight mode. Eating health/ammo pick ups will award you with bonus points and you fly a bit faster if you're not shooting at the moment; I forgot to mention these when I was first uploading.


The game displays a passcode after finishing it now. It will give you a small headstart if used in the sequel when it comes out. If you finished the game before that update, just load your savefile and kill the last boss again to see it.


I added a secret boss rush level with a new bossfight at the end and an alternate ending (spoiler: getting there has something to do with exploting a savepoint in a certain way)

I nerfed the Eye boss in flight mode (its horizontal tendril no longer block your spit)

I buffed the Mantrible boss in exploration mode (it shoots a bit faster if only one of them remains alive)

I changed the way dashing works (you have to be moving when starting a dash if in exploration mode and the dash is equally long in both modes now)

I fixed a few minor bugs and one major one


[ARROWS] - move around and navigate the main menu

[X] - spit

[C] - spit acid (after meeting certain requirements)

[V] - dash (after meeting certain requirements)

[F] - go fullscreen and beyond

[RETURN] - confirm your choice in the main menu and skip through text boxes. Also, it pauses the game when in flight mode

I've made this game for pixelday2020 and I tried really hard to capture not only retro graphics and sounds, but also the retro, a bit wonky feeling <3

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I did it! :D
(This game is awesome!)

Notabla responds:

Thanks ^.^
A sequel is on the way :P

Dude you nailed the retro aesthetic especially the sticky controls - it feels like a yard sale Atari console. Sweet!
Edit: I found one actual glitch in the second hot pink level after that first spore thrower: going back up into the first pink room I was able to walk around on the Level indicator bar and go off screen instead of going back.

Notabla responds:

I'm not a dude, but thanks ^.^'
I'm really glad you enjoyed my game :)
And I'm thankful for the broken room link you've found. Definitely a thing to correct. It should work when you reenter the room from a different side, though

This metroidvania is still fun despite the glitches. Especially controls. It drives me mad when my bug doesn't turn sideways sometimes. I'd suggest you to continue polishing Cochleansect. I can see the potential.

Notabla responds:

Thank you for playing and enjoying Cochleansect ^.^ Not turning sideways is a thing that happens when you press an arrow without unpressing the previous one. It's actually useful because if you press arrows in a certain way, you could moonwalk and hit enemies in front while walking backwards or sideways. I used it in my non-newgrounds game as a feature and decided that it could also work in this game. But, I guess this game's pace is a bit different, so I can now see how that's a thing that could drive a player mad ^.^' I'll try and normalize the walk when updating the game, so thank you for your feedback :)
Have a nice day

big yikes

A bit glitchy but still fun

Notabla responds:

Thanks :)
If by glitchy you mean enemies spasming out, flying outside of the room or getting stuck in a corner, then I'm ok with it. I personally believe that it adds to the overall retro charm. If it's something different, then I'm sorry for that ^.^'