sting operation

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Doc, Ollie, and Mikey are about to commit the greatest heist in bird history. The risk is high, the reward is huge- will they pull it off or choke harder than a seagull flying into a plane engine?

This video's definitely a niche one. It started as a simple idea of a bunch of parrots destroying on a laptop keyboard and partying when no one is home, but my one friend who loves birds got so hyped over the idea and poured so much input into the video that it turned into this! And yeah I've now uploaded three times in roughly a week and I haven't slept ah shit

youtube mirror: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTu6bINyuFM

overworld: https://wavetro.net/

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how do you animate this in blender?

I thought this would be five minutes long. It was still great. I love how you used birds. You showed some great designs in this. Well, definitely different designs at least. I love how the final joke was set up.

I thought it would be over something trivial. Like, not related to what they actually did. I'd think he'd recognize bird poop. Such a shame this didn't win an award! All of them should have.

He shit on computer he close computer hense you have shitty computer

Can't belive i wached that twice. It 2as good

i own three birds and its the exact problems

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Jan 23, 2020
5:01 PM EST