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God of Chaos

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A mysterious cult performs an ancient ceremony... inviting an otherworldly power into their earthly realm.......... while fleeing from it's captors... a strange being encounters a little girl and her ragdoll... will chaos reign........

My thesis film from RISD

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wow, just wow

Your thesis film is amazing

Psychodelic arts, AWWWW

wow this movie really makes you think.......

I am trying to interpret this... 'mandoll' having an encounter with the young adolescent female. she experiences some sort of magical otherworldly experience and it would seem the mandoll was narrowed into a chain as a result. except the sweet little child was able to project a magical aura to save him from what would be certain destruction.

i have to really take my thoughts here as to why the doll went missing and why she sought after it, and what caused her disorientated state as well. what was the intent in this ordeal? that is a really subjective ruling. a very interesting read here for sure.