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Scarred - Demo

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Welcome to the first Demo of scarred, I ope you like it.

Scarred is an ongoing project, which will hopefully see the light of day soon, but consider this your introduction. Here you follow clay, a cop who is called out to domestic disturbance out in the sticks. He is met by an eerily quite house, where something isn't quite right. Who does he meet there, or more pressingly, what?

The full game of scarred will hopefully be out sometime later this year, so please stay tuned.

You can download the demo for Mac or PC here:


#### controls ####

Use the arrow keys to move around

Use Z to interact

Use I top open the inventory

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really cool and damn that creepy breathing freaked me out. I would have like to have seen the father, as well as whatever squishy think, was in the dark. overall a really fun play and would love to see more of the storyline or just other games of yours

Did the radio just say Lori.....Nope Nope Nope Nope NOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPEEEE

pretty good, i think it could have been longer and not just focus on the girl and father but the mother too. There were also allot of pictures which would have been nice to get relevance on, and maybe turn it into a mini game. There were also objects you could look at but had no relevance to the story such as the dollhouse and baby doll or even the cook books. Also where is the first door's key!

overall, pretty good, well done :)

It's far from bad, but it needs a bit of work all around. The movement felt clunky, managing the inventory was unpleasant, the puzzles we're a bit simple, and the character of the cop painted him as a pretty bad cop. I mean, not knocking, breaking in, ransacking and picking up random loot, and taking out his gun and shooting someone on site who he could reasonably assume was the girl's father was just the icing on top of the "bad cop" cake. That isn't nessicarally a bad thing if he's intentionally a bad cop, but ya know, if he isn't, it is.
That said, I like the style and tone, and would like to see you improve, this is far from bad, just lacking and overly short, even for a demo.

Pretty spooky! I think both the graphics and sound design create a nice creepy atmosphere, particularly the ambient/background track. Feels like it needs some adjustments to really nail it though. For example, I think there are a lot of events that missed a chance to be spooky, such as grabbing the item in the darkness, or pulling the item outta the well: some creepy sounds and other shocking effects or cutscenes could help punch those events up! Text also needs some help to eliminate the typos and weird formatting as they can take you out of the experience. Also for areas like the kitchen which is said to be gross by the cop, actually doesn't look that bad: maybe add some more color or other artistic elements to increase the grossness. Story is intriguing, however, and I look forward to more.

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2020
5:36 AM EST
  • Photoshop
  • Blender
  • Unity