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The Party, the Pastry and the Scenario

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A grand event is taking place on New Year's Day 2020 to celebrate BFDI's birthday, leading Cake to shiver with his most common fear: getting eaten! Watch and see how he handles things and how the team helps him later on. And meanwhile... Happy 10th Birthday, Battle For Dream Island (well, it's a bit late to say this now)!

BFDI, BFB, and most of the assets (c) Michael, Cary, Satomi, Pokey and the rest of the crew!

Resol (mentioned), Rubber, Composite, Cubey, Yellow Up Arrow, Sunscreen (c) me

And I shall credit various cartoons (especially MLP:FiM) for the influence of the storyline!

The music is Rhapsody Improv, written by me many years back.

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