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(Heart) Broken - Visual Novel trailer

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There's something wrong here...distorted like...like the reel of a damaged VHS tape. Do you feel damaged...? I do......and so many others do too.

...We need to talk about this....

(Heart) Broken is an emotional support passion project that aims to talk about the harmful, isolating and negative feelings so many of us seemingly feel trapped with. It's also a healthy reminder that what we often feel is the end, is only the beginning again.

Currently the project is in early development but you can view the first three sections on your favorite browser or even offline via the links below!

Browser edition - Here

Offline edition - Here

Music by Blujaymix " Ko" which can be found here https://soundcloud.com/blujay55555/ko-1

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Color me curious.
Sometimes coming to know to understand one's own darkness is more like understanding what light we shed, and I get that vibe from this.
I wish you luck with this project, it will be interesting to see how you handle this subject matter.
Thank you for making this.


Not too much to say here, the VHS effects were really really good. The biggest gripe I'd have would be the coloring of the title "BROKEN" at the end where the moon and night sky in the background. Only half of the K is visible and the rest is barely visible. Music is pretty neat though, and this may be something cool to look into. I'll keep my eye out for more.