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Killer Kim and the Blood Arena

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This game is inspired by the over-the-top violent Midway arcade games of the 90s such as Smash TV, Total Carnage, and Strike Force. It currently is a prototype and I intend to add higher resolution art and many more rooms and enemy types in the future. 

Music by: Waterflame

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Paint everything red!

I like this game a lot, but I think in the full version this should have a few weapons other than that SMG thing. Also, in the final product, will it be possible to decapitate the heavy enemies? Because whenever I slash at them when they are dying, they have a gunshot wound. But nonetheless it's cool and I'm looking forward to the finished product!

heroyooky responds:

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, once I rework and complete the game I'll make sure you can decapitate the heavies.

Very nice prototype! We can always use more Smash TV likes and this has a nice solid core to it with satisfying combat and a decent amount of pizazz already in. I especially like how enemies flash when they are about to shoot, and how chopped enemies have their heads roll. A few potential suggestions to help this grow:

*I feel like the blood splatters should appear behind the enemies, not in front of them, to signify bullets and slashes going through them for better feedback.

*It'd be nice if dead bodies get greyed-out slightly to help them fade into the floor a bit so they don't distract the player from tracking still-alive enemies. Also maybe grey-out older blood stains so you can see fresh blood from recent shots to help track your shots.

*Player damage feedback isn't present enough: maybe a red flash or something to indicate when you get hit? It all gets a bit muddy and confusing when you're close to enemies and slashing with the sword: did I hit them or did they hit me, and so on.

Looking forward to seeing the final version!

heroyooky responds:

Hey thank you for the detailed feedback, some of these like the player damage feedback I will definitely be adding in soon.

Sick game, awesome song. 5/5

heroyooky responds:

Thank you. I have to give credit to Waterflame for the song, he really did an awesome job.

Yeah loved it! Fast paced, loads of action, good sound, fun. nice!

heroyooky responds:

Great! I appreciate your review.