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Author Comments

Thanks for the frontpage!


Lead the DNA and its unpredictable behaviours through the way, eluding the protons that obstruct your making.

Collect "behaviours" for purchase useful consumables and background themes.

Reach the highest score you can.


Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.healliesgames.nitrogenous


A simple runner game, as well as my first Android app!

I digging a lot Godot Engine: free, open-source and well supported.

For its simplicity, it given me the push to mess around with shaders.

I also switched to Aseprite for graphics, which has very useful tools.

Thanks to rojekabc for his NG API: https://github.com/rojekabc/godot-newgrounds-plugin

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i can barely see

cool pls release this on iphone and release the song on newgrounds

Interesting game, but I do feel a little bit lost, haha. I think I understood it the main gameplay eventually and it is cool to chill out get lost in a trance of dodging, but I didn't feel like there was any sense of progression: the levels seemed random and didn't seem to rise in difficulty or change: only the player stats changed. I was expecting the player stats to be random, but naturally be higher and higher as it went on, and I expected the enemies to be basic but introduce the other ones in later levels, but sometimes I got high stats and difficult enemies straight from the start. I wasn't sure what a dangerous behavior was either as I wasn't able to get the bar high enough, unfortunately: maybe that would've been a cool boss fight or something. I understand that it doesn't necessarily have to have progression since it's just a score attack, but it felt a little lost without it, I guess. Pretty trippy game, however!

HealliesGames responds:

I didn't specified it in the instructions: with the increase of the danger bar, the probability of spawning those non-yellow protons increases.

The difficulty is intrinsic in the player's statistics, so yes: it is slowly progressing.
Actually there's no special event; a dangerous behaviour is only an indication.

But I was thinking of adding some sort of special wave between one behaviour and another, and maybe making the survival time more dynamic instead of the static 20 seconds.

Thanks for the feedback, Lucas!

I initially liked it, the music was good and the randomisation each level was a good concept but, honestly I'm not sure what was being affected, the double helix or the game environment?
The menus were very busy and reading the made it difficult. Can't tell you what the power-ups really did tbh, other than the time one which seemed to take time off the count-down but, I'm not sure why that was a good thing?

I got bored after about 5-10 mins and had to kill myself just to try the power-ups cause the game seemed a bit never ending with no progression. I think it needs some kind of goal cause it feels just like a grind to get power-ups that don't really do much.

HealliesGames responds:

Yes, the randomization affects the helix behaviour.
At first it may be difficult to perceive it, because the game progresses slowly, but if you keep an eye on the bar at the top right of the screen, it shows the difficulty.

The countdown timer indicates how long a round lasts, so by using it, you are halving the survival time.
The little question mark in the menu, explain a bit what each element is for.

Consider unlocking the themes as a goal, as this is an infinite runner.

Glad you liked the music and thank you for your feedback, Thewordsmyth!

i feel like i could play this on my phone while going to the bathroom and just zone out

HealliesGames responds:

That was the point, haha!
Thank you!

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2020
8:38 PM EST
  • Aseprite
  • Godot Engine
  • Cakewalk