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Muscle Maxxers

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Funny stuff

Wow I have to say that this was pretty funny, you have something here that could even turn into a series of sorts something to think about, You may want to add some "SUBTITLES" in some areas of confusion with the sound of the voices, was not a big deal but subtitles would come in real hand in those lacking areas, so just another option to work on. But to elaberate more on subies, I must say they do bring in a nice feature and fill the flash with some quality, so it for sure would not hurt it And Here we are with another film from the portal this one actually pretty interesting some good and bad points in this but mostly a positive experience A decent film here, I thought this was alright I have always been a fan of these types of submission entries, In fact this was alot better then I had expected but was pleased with what you had here.

you have a series of an idea here think about it, also adding subtitles would be nice


I'd like to get ripped please...

are those the ripped guys from wacky fansters? o_O

AlexEmery responds:

Hahah never heard of it before but looking at it I can see the resemblance.

Ahaha! Awesome!

Thought for sure it'd end horribly wrong but hey... maybe there is an easy way after all!

You give me hope. Technology our savior.