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Jidan Havoc

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Jump, dive, and slam through levels, stringing together combos by chaining attacks between enemies. Your performance is ranked after each level based on collectibles, enemies, and score. Earn enough ranks to unlock more levels, to earn more ranks, to unlock more levels...

Getting through a level is one thing, but 100%-ing it could get very demanding.


WASD or arrow keys: Move

Up / Spacebar / Enter: Jump

E / Z / J / Shift: Attack

R: Reset level

Esc: Exit level and return to level select

NOTE: This game does not run in Internet Explorer.

1/18/20: Made some small changes that should help improve performance.

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Very cool game with an impressive amount of polish to it in regards to the graphics! The animation is a pleasure to look at both in terms of the gameplay and the menus. I'm kinda at odds with the game however, despite enjoying it. It just felt like it was a bit too slow and punishing for the combo gameplay it's going for. For example, I love how snappy the downwards-drill move is: it starts immediately and you can chain it into other moves after you hit something. The side-dash however? Very slow to start, ends way too early, and if you miss, you're stuck in a super long recovery animation. The cancel move seems super cool: love the way you flash and the sound effect that goes with it! But all it does is screw you over as you can't do anything after it: why can't I use it to give me a little leeway in chaining attacks? Also, while I love chaining moves in the air, trying to chain side-dashes on grounded opponents can be frustrating as you're trying to time it right before hitting the ground so you don't lose the combo. Basically, I think the game is really, really cool, but the combo system is really inflexible at the moment and demands too much perfection: if it was a bit more loose, forgiving, cancellable, and so on, I think the game would feel less laggy and such. However, I understand if you want to keep it designed as-is to keep it a 'hard-core' experience. And while I was frustrated, I had to admit I did want to keep playing, so you're doing something right!

Yeah nice little game. Challenging enough to keep me interested for a while but very repetitive which made me lose interest quickly. The music was ok but very bland. Good animation and graphics.
Not much actually happening in the game other than collecting nectar or lemon drops or whatever they were. Reminded me a bit of an old mega drive game. Which I liked.

very nice game, the controls feel very polished and forgiving and the overall aesthetic works wonders

I am enjoying this game tremendously. I needed a bit of time to understand the movement but after that it feels great.

Also, jidan is a derogatory term for jews in my native language which made me laugh when I read the title.

PeltastDesign responds:

oh woops! that's a bit unfortunate! "ji dan" is also egg in chinese, which is ostensibly what you're playing as/collecting in the game.

Not giving it full rating cause the controlls are really counter intuitive, the precision of speed and direction of you character is too stingy to allow full controll over attack direction, it's really confusing... Ther than that the game is brilliant.