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Author Comments

2D puzzle action game where saving coin is important!

Aiming for a goal using items.

Make a way with blocks.

Break a block with a hammer.


Item is useful. But you need coins.

When you clear the stage, high score if you have a lot of coins.


< Menu >

  • Mouse Cursor - Select
  • Mouse Click - Decide

< Game >

  • [A][D] - Move
  • [W] - Jump
  • Mouse Wheel or [I] – Select item
  • Mouse Click - Use item

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hey guys look it the guy from among us

one of the most addicting games recently in newgrounds, perfect, i though i could cheat trying to jump near the ledge but i cant, this made much more challenging but it was worthy, i was so happy each time i beat the level with gold, only cons are: wish there was anything for completing all the levels with gold, at least a skin or something, there is 80 levels but only two enemies and spikes, i wish there was more, some tricks were a lot similar so i think more enemies or hazards could help the game becoming more challenging(i think the cannon was used only once?), overall great game, good work

Ah yes I love not being able to get gold because the jump mechanics suck. Level 3 is impossible to do without using 3 bricks because of how the game works. Same with levels 4, 10 and a few others.

Dope music used, awesome sound effects, simple character and background design as well as controls, clear objective, some strategy is needed. Perfect.

It's very addictive XD