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Adipositron #19 the fryer of youth

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The only surviving Draftswomen of the Battle of Ziukk, Sime and Enodher, are patched up at General Phetrushpajapursk´s Flagship. He shows them a new Army, which is equipped with combat suits, that have been designed based on Adipositron´s data. Sime goes home, Enodher takes a suit and joins the battle against a holographic skull-planet of unknown origin, which is believed to be based on Adipositron´s data, too. After Enodher got shot, she finds herself rejuvenated on a planet surface with a crashed Küchenrolle. The ghost of Schlauchtussi tells her, that she is dead, but her soul shall animate the Schlauchtussi prototype in the past, who was comissioned by Van Burnscum and who is now complainig via time-call, that the timeline is changing. But Phetrushpajapursk is busy. The skull planet explodes under the massive bombardment, and with it the flagship. far away, two criminal investigators find an Adipositron collector´s box. They assume, the series would have fizzled out and will be cancelled. But the box opposes.


originally aired in january 2017 on Youtube

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This is cool as fuck, nice work!