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Adipositron #18 In this slime trail, too

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The draftsmen are on the planet Ziukk to meet the founder of the order, who turns out to be Schuschinus himself. Adelbrand arrives at the gates of heaven and forces his entry. In the rest of the universe, the happy slaughtering goes on and quickly reaches Ziukk. Schuschinus goes on an important mission, the draftsmen fight against hordes. Soon, the foundling head hunters appear in their search for the escaped being, Adipositron farted out. Adelbrand has fought his way through and encounters Adipositron, who enjoys his afterlife. Foundling head and Schuschinus also join the illustrious circle. The latter swings his mighty tool, the Holy Pencil. Cornus joins in too late, to explain the happenings. Schuschinus mary sues the situation away, Adipositron falls back in time to his appearance in episode 1, Ziukk explodes.


originally aired in february 2016 on Youtube

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The pencil is far too op in this universe

How many styles were there in that thing? It was like a what's what o animation techniques all thrown in the salad together. Really really cool. So much creativity going on

Schuschinus responds:

Let´s see, there is:
digital drawn animation
digital cutout animation (manual and automatic keyframe interpolation)
a tiny bit of traditional animation
3D animation
some rendered 2D elements
stopmotion (Lego and non Lego)
puppetry and practical effects
real life effects footage (explosions, liquids etc.)


What is not in there:
traditional cutout animation
vector animation
claymation (but clay heads)
go motion

Thanks for the comment and have a nice day.

Pretty sick, although I wasn't feeling all the animation styles, the sheer amount of styles and skill with which they where crafted and grafted was verry impressing.

Your work is truly profound and it's always a pleasure to experience.

Wow, I was quite impressed by this. There just seemed to be so many different styles of animation going on. My only complaint is that some of the artwork did seem off. It's still very visually impressive. I haven't seen the other entries. Pity this isn't well known.

I like it a lot. It kind of reminded me of "Warhammer 40K". We need more stuff like this. I'm glad at least I can review it. There's so much going on it's hard to even comprehend it!