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Shaggy vs Goku [Scooby Doo Meets Dragon Ball Z]

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Hanna Barbera and Toei Animation approached me once and asked if I was interested in directing on a special project for Cartoon Network back in 1999. Eight months later they ordered all copies to be destroyed. Please don't snitch.

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Here's what we missed:
First Shaggy would have ran away.
Fred would have built some elaborate trap that wouldn't have worked but may beat the hell out Goku.
Goku would have been easily fooled by Shaggy in disguise & given a bag of sensu beans.
Over eating the beans gives supper powers to Shaggy to beat up Goku
During the fight Goku dropped the Dragon Balls.
Shaggy found the balls & wished he had a sandwitch instead, causing the balls to turn in to sandwiches.
Goku is try to save the balls as each one that Shaggy consumes only makes Shaggy more powerful & psychotic.
This way to short.

ok, I wonder what the next episode will be like

So, this clearly in the Mei-Mei territory so, I am just having fun with it.
I really enjoyed the Scooby is a god meme from a bit back, and I think linking the fact they where both huge on Cartoon Network at that time makes some sense comedicaly.
I definetly think that era scooby do's limit break was food, and so I could see him throw fist for it, but he did often just run away too.
It was fun to watch.
Thank you for making this.

theFierceKid responds:

Thank you. The idea was not mine, I must say. It was this very funny meme of an edit of Shaggy vs. Goku, for which I made audio, then I animated this shortly afterwards.

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2.99 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2020
11:20 PM EST

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