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Why are you cartwheeling away? (MM #14)

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Making Monsters #14

Quick recap:

Apocalyptic events are taking place all over the country, courtesy of the new "Corporate States of America" (10 corporate states have replaced 50 geographic states as the US goes fully corporate)

Rick, the old man, has hired Ozark and a few other misfits to start a grassroots revolution to fight this new system of government.

But the grassroots revolution isn't going well and now Ozark is worried that he might have to participate in the mysterious 'Plan B'.

In this episode...Sal returns from her Paris trip with Oscar (Ep 5 & 11). But she seems scared and refuses to enter Rick's house.

Intro Music: "The Beast" by gballx

Outro Music: "Tess" by Fractional

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Usage of photorealism isn't unusual on NG, but the way you use it has to be one of the most unique ways I've seen it used! It's hard to animate fluidly with the limitations of using actual people with realistic-looking limbs/skin and some slight edits, but the writing and surreal vibe it gives off makes up for the more limited animation. The style you went with compliments it, in a weird way. Also a fan of this being tagged as "tri-state-cartwheel-champion", looks like Sal had her work cut out for her!
I'm new to this series (got here off of the daily awards), so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Furious-Monkey responds:

This style developed because I know zilch about traditional animation. I knew the basics of photoshop and After Effects looked like photoshop with a timeline, so I jumped in and started making stuff. I was going to make a fast, 'bad meme' style animation with rough cut-outs and dumb character movements---you can kind of see this attitude in some of the early episodes. (My apologies in advance). But I have a 'try-hard' personality, so I kept trying new things and spending more and more time on each episode. I'm happy with how the last 10 or so episodes look. But I still wonder if a "shit-post meme" style animation would have been better. I do know that this kind of animation won't be liked by everyone, so I really appreciate it when I get a comment like yours!
Thanks man!

This is fantastically weird and accurately menacing.
The photo realistic heads are wonderfully creepy little nut crackers.
Also, the sound design just leaves an odd sense of tension.
Thank you for making this.

Furious-Monkey responds:

"Creepy little nut crackers" -hahah, I love that. I hadn't thought about their mouths that way but it's a perfect description. I may borrow that phrase next time I'm trying to describe these animations. Thank you for the comment!

Really enjoyed this. Love the animation style and funny script. Nice work.

Furious-Monkey responds:

I'm very happy to hear it. And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. :)

I see Ozark is a fan of Bartleby. That's not surprising XD
Ah, Ozark! Ah, humanity!

Furious-Monkey responds:

Politely contrarian...and maybe a little lazy. We all need role models lol.

You might be the first person to watch these and know where that phrase originated. You're definitely the first to comment on it.

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Jan 6, 2020
8:08 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place January 8, 2020

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