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I finally managed to complete a game project!

It's snake, but faster.

I wanted to make a snake clone that's a bit more challenging and one that you can get better at the more you play. Skill will matter because of the combo score multiplier; don't let the timer reach zero between eating apples and you slowly build score multiplier making each apple be worth more points.

There is also an element of luck. You might encounter rainbow apples and they are worth a lot!

Best is of course a combination of luck and skill. If you have a high score multiplier when the rainbow apple appears you get the really high scores.


  • The snake moves on it's own but keep the arrow pressed in the direction the snake is heading to activate turbo mode.
  • To make a sharp U-turn hold down the arrow key in the opposite direction the snake is travelling and then quickly tap up or down, if it's travelling sideways, or left or right if it's travelling vertically
  • You can hit Enter to start the game.


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It's snake so it's fine. I can see why it's popular.

Rayben responds:

Thanks! :)

i love snake games so this was perfect fro me.

Rayben responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you enjoy it 😁

this is pretty bad and very hard because the snake moves too fast and you have to hold on the arrow keys.

Rayben responds:

Thank you for playing and taking the time to write a review.
I updated the description to be more clear about the intended design. It is intentionally fast and difficult because I wanted a fast pace snake and one that you can get better at the more you play. I realize that this kind of game does not appeal to everyone. I also included a few tips in the description.
Regarding movement, the snake should move on it's own. Holding down the arrow keys is just for the extra speed.

Pretty cool, it's not just a ripoff, you added something new as well.

Rayben responds:

Thank you